Age, Weight & Motivation: #5 What do you really want?

Writing my blog again, following a break for the holiday season and some busy work rotations, brings me great joy.   I would rather not take time away, but it does allow for my full attention and presence.  Coincidentally,  what better … Continue reading

Age, weight & motivation: #4, Approaching Attitude.

When initially writing about change I felt violent, like I was forcing my thoughts into the universe. Stepping back from the topic, I questioned my direction. It is important to listen when such thoughts arise.  If something feels a little … Continue reading

Within the process lies the goodness.

I’ve been pondering the concept of which characteristics we view as innate versus learned.  How we view ourselves and what we feel are characteristics we have no control over versus nurtured and learned characteristics with which we continue to incorporate. … Continue reading

There’s a little time there somewhere

I really should make some time for myself.  I have been telling myself for weeks, for months.  And yes, I do believe that using words such as “should” or “shouldn’t” is quite destructive to your goals…  but, well, I’m just not … Continue reading

Fear#2: Cruxy- I think I’m scared, therefore I am scared.

My first blog regarding fear, read the story of my terror and near panic during a rock climb.  I claimed that handling fear is not an innate gift, but a learned skill.  I said that we can learn to harness … Continue reading