The moment right before you give in..

Just to remember the amazing rewards of pushing yourself.

It’s the moment when your legs are shaking, your core is screaming, sweat is stinging your eyes and you just can’t hang on any longer.  I don’t have a name for this, but it is the moment right before you give in.  The moment of pure focus and endurance when you have completely devoted yourself to this one task. This is the moment right before you stop, whether you reach your goal or can take it no longer.  It is the moment when the thought of quitting just barely trickles into your mind and you push it away and give everything.

Sometimes it is merely the physical limitation of lactic acid building up to an unbearable point, or your grip slipping from a handhold.  Sometimes it is the complete lack of strength needed to pull yourself up or finish the task.  But more often, it is a mental roadblock or lack of desire to push yourself any further.  Whatever you name it, I keep finding myself coming into focus on and within this moment.

I have recently returned to the yoga studio from a home practice.  I had reached some sort of wall or ceiling where I felt I was trying hard, but not getting further into my poses.  This had been going on for a long enough time to start wondering, “Am I really not doing these poses correctly? Maybe I need some feedback.”

Back in the studio it was so amazing to feel the presence of others and the energy that we all create with our breath and movement. And although I like to believe I’m not THAT competitive, I definitely seem to try harder when in front of others.  I try harder in a big way.  I started noticing that I keep going further and further into this moment.  In fact, maybe I wasn’t even really noticing this moment before.  Perhaps, I wasn’t even giving myself a chance to get into the moment and push it past the point I thought was my limit, even if for half a second.

So I challenge myself and you to find this moment and expand it.  Live within it and breathe and give up every other thing, even for just a few seconds.  When doing yoga or climbing or hiking or even just your daily chores or tasks, try to notice this moment and to sharpen your focus to give all.

I think you’ll find, as I have, that not only do you push yourself better towards your goal, but you also find clarity of thought and freedom from other parts of your life.  This is really when you let go and heal and better yourself to give more to those around you.