A Moment For Yourself Challenge

In honor of National Mental Health Awareness month, I offer a challenge to do one thing for yourself once a day during the month of May.  Share your moments on your favorite social media with the hashtags #amomentforyourself. There are no rules. … Continue reading

Within the process lies the goodness.

I’ve been pondering the concept of which characteristics we view as innate versus learned.  How we view ourselves and what we feel are characteristics we have no control over versus nurtured and learned characteristics with which we continue to incorporate. … Continue reading

Fear#2: Cruxy- I think I’m scared, therefore I am scared.

My first blog regarding fear, read the story of my terror and near panic during a rock climb.  I claimed that handling fear is not an innate gift, but a learned skill.  I said that we can learn to harness … Continue reading

My true crux – the first installment on harnessing fear

I clipped into the anchor at a hanging belay and looked around to take in the beauty.   I was in awe to view the Pacific Ocean’s blue water from this distance.  In addition, a nearby lake, distant mountains and … Continue reading