Yoga and Depression

Yoga & Depression. What benefits does yoga have for people who are suffering or have clinical depression? Check out this blog on my sister site, Summit Sutras ( This site is to promote the combination of yoga and nature.

Summit Sutras & Fitness

The recent news of Robin Williams death has hit us many of us hard. Most of my lifetime favorite movies showcased his brilliance and I’m sad that we lost his talent. In particular though, I feel a deep sorrow that it was depression that took him away from us too soon.  I don’t know his exact level of suffering, but it was obviously great.

As a mental health professional I feel a punch to the gut, like we just didn’t do enough soon enough.  This is yet another huge loss to our field.  It feels as if we are sinking in our battle against mental illness.

Our battle is not necessarily to prolong life, but to make our time here better.  To help people find their purpose, values, and enjoyment during their time on Earth.  To recapture that which gives them the will to live, despite suffering.  For, as we all know…

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