The Epic Road Trip of 2014: So it begins.

In the midst of a move and career switch, my boyfriend and I decided to use this change as an opportunity to take a road trip.

Here’s the road trip plan:

Start: Southern California.  We will be leaving our beautiful beach bungalow in Solana Beach to move north.

→ Yosemite National Park → Tahoe, CA & Reno, NV → Bend, OR → City of Rocks, Idaho → Yellowstone National Park. → Bozeman, Montana → Broadus, Montana → Fort Ransom, North Dakota → Black Hills, South Dakota → Vedauwoo, Wyoming → Park City, Utah → Tahoe City, CA

We have planned many days to both decompress or to climb and hike, but this road trip is more than just a time of relaxation or an intense adventure.

I set an intention to grow and learn more about myself, taking time to break off from others and be by myself. While this sounds pleasant and nice, learning about yourself often includes being uncomfortable and pushing yourself beyond your normal boundaries.

My specific goals are to learn more about myself emotionally and spiritually.  I feel that I have spent a lot of time intellectually growing and as a doctor I am well versed at the science of my emotions.  There is a deep urge inside me to feel more and get to know my heart, not as the organ that pumps blood through my body, but as a center for love and nourishment.

These are no small tasks and are very personal. To be honest, I’m still not sure I want to write about them openly. Especially not to my friends and family who already feel so definite in their own beliefs (and feel very strongly about what others should believe), or those who might not understand why I need to understand my emotional self… I can feel the doubt creeping in now!

There is something freeing about being open and honest though and something important with sharing what you learn with others.  So with that in mind, I will attempt to delve a little into these things as I share with you our adventures.

We left our beautiful home with flowers as grass and the beach nearby…

SB home


Tide beach

The start of our adventure begins after hours of driving through LA traffic and into the mountains, arriving in Yosemite National Park….

Yosemite Falls blowing in the wind


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