A Moment For Yourself Challenge

In honor of National Mental Health Awareness month, I offer a challenge to do one thing for yourself once a day during the month of May.  Share your moments on your favorite social media with the hashtags #amomentforyourself.

There are no rules. Join in whenever you like, and don’t feel obligated to post every day.

It’s easy!  These are not grand gestures, expensive, or time-consuming.

1) What is something you enjoy or need? Maybe you just need to take a breath and check in with yourself? Literally ask yourself how you are doing and what you might need. You already know what you need and maybe this in itself is what you needed. Yeah, it often is just that actually.

2) Provide sacred time to give yourself that moment. Make a ritual of something that you enjoy.

If you love tea, make yourself a hot cup of tea. Hold the cup in your hand and feel its warmth, breathe in the tea and then slowly sip. Take a moment to notice the flavors in your mouth.

Whatever you choose, do it with purpose and focus on what you’re doing. This is for you!

3) Share with others. Make a little comment or photo and use hashtag #amomentforyourself to share with others participating. It would be wonderful to see how others can take a moment for themselves too, even if just for a second!

There are many issues to discuss this month, like stopping the stigma on mental health and increasing access to mental health resources.  While those are extremely important topics, I’d like to discuss how we treat ourselves.  This is something we choose and control for ourselves every day.

When discussing mental health we often only focus on those who are severely ill and forget that mental health is important to every one of us.  When we care for ourselves we improve the world around us.

Taking care of yourself is not a luxury for people who have tons of free time and money. It is vital to every person.  Make this as second nature as brushing your teeth.

You may say, I have no time for myself because I care for others or for my children!

If you don’t care for yourself you have less energy available to care for others. Also, if you take time to care for yourself (even if just for a minute!!) you teach your children to care for themselves too. Teaching them healthy habits by example will stick with them for life.

Therefore I’m challenging myself and all of you to do one thing each day to nurture yourself.  This could be something big like exercising or eating healthy, or just something like taking a minute to breathe and check in. Maybe you lock yourself in the bathroom for 5 minutes and read a book.  Whatever you need to do for yourself one little moment a day.

If you want to do this challenge, it will go for the month of May, but feel free to keep it going as long as you like.


Happy National Mental Health Awareness Month!



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