Saturday Short: 3 Simple Ways to Be Present.

I have a challenge to myself and anyone else willing to accept.

How many times do you check out of your surroundings by looking at your phone?  Take a moment to notice when you jump on your phone while walking/driving.  Even if you don’t make any changes, at least make a point of noticing.

Are you on your phone when you are walking in and out of buildings to your transportation, sitting at a red light, or walking through the halls at work?

3 simple ways to be mindful during transitions. 

1) When walking to and from your car/transportation

  • Leave your phone in your pocket.
  • Look around and notice the flora. What type of trees, flowers, grass are around you?
  • Are there any birds in the sky or animals nearby?
  • Notice the people walking around you.
    • Maybe even smile at them or say hi! (Yes I’m originally from the midwest – even if it isn’t your culture to do so, most people enjoy a passing smile). It could brighten someone’s day, and definitely will brighten yours!

2) When sitting at red lights, take a moment to breathe.

  • Put down your phone.  It can wait until later. Here in California, it is illegal anyway.
  • Take this moment for yourself. How are you feeling? What is something you enjoy?
  • What is your favorite song?
  • Oh, the light is already green, time to focus back on driving safe!

3) Walking through the halls/elevators/stairs at work. This is my weakness, I’ll admit. 

  • Put your phone in your pocket/bag/purse so its harder to reach.
  • People watch. How many people are on their phones? What are they wearing/doing/saying? Find something to investigate about everyone.
    • Go back to #1 with the saying hi or smiling thing :)
  • Focus on your posture and breath as you walk.
    • Lift up from your chest and bring your shoulders down your back. Put your shoulders over your hips and your head over your pelvis.
    • Try timing your breath with your steps.  How many steps do you take per breath?

We surprisingly spend a lot of time in these three moments of the day.  Try utilizing this time for yourself and to check in to the environment around you.

You may be blessed by all the neat things you begin to notice about yourself and those around you.


My inspiration for this post:  Noticing that both me and all around me were nose deep into our phones while walking out to our cars after yoga. I began to realize I do this in most all of my daily life transitions. 

Recently I taught a yoga class on balanced/controlled transitions.  I focused on transitioning in and out of poses smoothly and gracefully, following the breath. The result transforms your yoga practice into a dance, both fluid and graceful. It is beautiful to watch and feels amazing to perform. 

Yet even after teaching that class, I was ignoring most of the daily transitions of my life by tuning out of my surroundings to needlessly check my phone. 

It is not just the pose that is important but how you get into and out of that pose. This can be said for most things in life, from business to love.  Taking these moments to be present makes a difference in how I feel and makes me feel good about how I spend my time.   Stop to smell the flowers



What do you think?

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