A Sunday Snippet: What is your life story?

sky blessingsEvery person has a life story.  The tale of where we were and where we went. The things we did, the people we knew, and the adventures we had.

Some are legends and remembered forever in history, others faded from existence with little longterm impact.  From kings whose lives ended with festivals and ornate decorations, to the homeless people whose bodies overfill the morgue with no place to settle.  They all had someone somewhere who knew them and had emotions and interactions with them. They effected someone in some way.

Their stories were alive and strong, growing and changing.

We have no control over the background of our story.  We have no control over where we were born, or how we grew up.   In addition, we have made decisions earlier in the story that has led us to where we are now, and we cannot change those decisions.

Definitely, however, we control our current placement and the paths we choose from this point forward.

I’ve become very concerned over recent years on what my story will say. Not for fame or to go down in history, but my personal story. Even if only known to me, I am active in shaping the meaning of my life and how I effect those I love.

What is my story? Is what I’m doing now how I want my story to read?

This question is one of the main queries which led to me changing careers.  It is important to reevaluate our lives and make sure we are painting the life we feel good about.  The life where, at the end of the day, you can say you did your best and it was good.

For many years I felt as though I was proving myself, mostly to myself. Although I shied away from a few opportunities for Ivy league status, I mostly pursued a course which would give me some sort of respect. I often thought of my humble roots as a hindrance and a pride to have overcome the hardships of making upward societal shifts. The glass ceiling seemed all too obvious to me most of my life.

Anytime I made achievements I felt lacking. I wasn’t making the impact I had hoped. And it wasn’t about the money, (I still didn’t have any money anyway) it was about how I felt at the end of the day.
To be honest, I felt like I was denying my past and not utilizing my training and skills in ways that would have helped me when I was younger.

At some point you have to move past success and money and look at other aspects of your story.

Listening to my heart, I didn’t want to throw away everything, but I knew I needed a change. I searched for a way to incorporate all my training as a physician with my desire to help others, my love for expanding the mind and soul, but without being even further entrenched into the medical culture.

At some point it became clear that psychiatry and yoga would lead me to what I had hoped.  I made the decisions, and set the wheels spinning.

Now I am further down the path about to embark upon the next journey. It excites me but I am still nervous and scared.  Overall though, I am so happy that I stopped to listen to myself.

I put aside my ego and pride and asked, what do I really want for my life? What do I want to do with this short amount of time I have on this earth?

What is your story? What kind of feelings does it stir in you when you think of where you are in life? What has happened and where have you been? Sometimes this can stir up negative emotions. Those of regret or loss.

Try to look past the things you didn’t have or do, and look at the positive things you accomplished, and the people you loved and loved you. Good things came from you. Now look down the road many years.  What is something you can say when you are old and weary, that made your life worthwhile?  Not just feel good, sense-pleasing stuff, but lifelong goals that better you and those around you.

These simple questions are intimidating and scary, but they can help us make the decisions that stay true to our hearts.




What do you think?

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